Clients Testimonial

Aadil Shafee

Words can never express the gratitude I feel toward you and your tremendous skills. How appreciative I am of the excellent care you are providing. You have a professional, very caring, kind demeanor. I can tell you are a perfectionist at what you do.

Rahul Verma

Dr Nilesh Jain sir is a very proficient neurosurgeon. His work speaks for itself. He helped a great many people. Excellent doctor and human being.

Dr Selexi Verma

Dr nilesh jain sir one of d best neurosurgeon in central india.. He's excellent n successfullly operating rare n difficult tumor of brain n spine .. number of my pt successfully operated by him n team.. consult him always for any neurospine surgical issues..

Sohan Singh

Thanks a lot dr nilesh jain now my grandfather is all right highly recomended for neurosurgery in indore.

Rajesh Rao

He is very good surgeon,, he's results in neurosurgery tremendous ,,in trigeminal neuralgia surgery ,, fantastic results,,I have seen patient….. doing well all medicine off from day first ..

Rakesh Prajapati

He operated my uncle for trigeminal neuralgia..3 years back ...he is doing very no medication taking for trigeminal neuralgia...thanks sir for new life...

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